PlasmaPHP was designed to solve a problem with peoples attitude towards money these days. A lot of people that struggle with budgeting and get into trouble see their account balance and think that the balance can freely be spent.

Sadly this is quite wrong. Plenty of people will forget that they have numerous upcoming bills to come out soon and calculating and remembering that all on the fly when trying to work out if you can afford the pizza you so very much want is just annoying.

This is where PlasmaPHP comes in to play. Once its up and running on a web server you can enter in information about your accounts and transactions on it. Certain transactions can be set up as template, so they recur based on a date format. This is perfect for salaries and bills. Transactions can also be tagged in categories for organisation. Statistical analysis of those categories will come soon.

With templates active on your account then PlasmaPHP is able to predict almost a year in advance how much money you will have based on its knowledge of your recurring transactions.

PlasmaPHP is currently compatible with Natwest bank for importing CSV's of cashed transactions, this helps you make sure that you are reaching your budgeting targets by being able to see a long history of all your transactions on that account.

With PlasmaPHP as part of your budgeting lifestyle it can help you save for that dream purchase or simply avoid hitting that pesky overdraft.

To Download and install PlasmaPHP visit the PlasmaPHP GitHub Repository


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